Our History

Farm History

We purchased our farm in 1995.  The property had been leased for many years and was used for corn and hay production.  Our name, Persimmon Grove, was chosen based  on the fact that there were several volunteer persimmon tree groves spread around the property.  Over the years we have harvested the fruit from the trees and enjoyed them in our holiday baking.  We continued to lease the farm to help support several local dairies and had a small hay business.  In 2006 our farm was certified organic and became part of the Lindale Dairy operation, which supplies milk to Organic Valley.  Organic Valley dairy products are available in many of our local grocery stores.  The taste of their products is exceptional and we love to support other small, local organic farm operations.

In the Spring of 2009, we purchased our first Dexter heifers and our farm was on the way to becoming the Persimmon Grove we had been dreaming about.  Later that Spring, we added some chickens for egg production.  We were finally ready to get started producing some of the finest pastured beef and eggs available locally.